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If you want to connect with like-minded people -- people who believe in and live Rotary's motto "Service Above Self" -- give me a call, text me, email me:

Shawn Lewis

I invite you to have lunch with us and on us. We meet Wednesdays at noon at the Malley Recreation Center, 3380 S. Lincoln St. in Englewood. On the fourth Wednesday we usually have an evening happy hour instead of a lunch meeting, check our Calendar for that info.

Or let's have coffee and find what we have in common and start there. 

If you are a Rotarian in spirit but not yet a member, consider these benefits of joining us:
  • You can help send Englewood kids to college, because we typically dedicate more than $17,000 a year to scholarships,
  • You automatically are invited to visit other clubs,  not just in the Denver area, but all over the world -- Rotary invented networking,
  • You become one of our friends, and we will care about you,
  • You can develop leadership skills as you help our organization find new ways to serve our community,
  • You can enjoy our weekly programs that often open our eyes to new ideas and opportunities.


Englewood Rotary is a great group of people. We are friends. We unite in our mission to serve our community and improve the lives of people in countries far away.

Membership in Rotary is by invitation, and we are looking for service-minded people to invite!

You are eligible if you hold or are retired from a professional, proprietary, executive, or managerial position, and if you work or live in the greater Englewood area. Many of our members live in Centennial, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Denver, as well as Englewood. 

We especially are looking for people in professions that are not represented in our current membership. At present those classifications include small business, printing, florist, various medical fields, technology of all kinds, veterinarian, health services, printing and publishing, environment and many, many others.

We look forward to our weekly meetings, but we are also looking at new options for attendance

We meet weekly, and we expect our members to attend whenever possible. Constancy builds friendships and strong connections. However, we understand that long lunch meetings are difficult for many professionals, especially those early in their careers. We strive to enjoy our friendships, eat a nice lunch and have an educational program -- all in an hour. On the fourth Wednesday of the month we do not have lunch but usually schedule an evening out at a local restaurant. We call it "happy hour," but most members and spouses choose a full dinner, at their own cost. 


If proposed for membership, you will complete an application, and our board will vote on your membership. We will invite you to an orientation meeting where we further explain our club and Rotary International and again answer any questions. We want to make sure you know and appreciate the benefits, privileges and expectations of membership.


We then will induct you into membership in a short ceremony. We hope you'll bring your spouse or partner because it's a special day.


 What does it cost? Of course, you want to know that up front

The short answer is roughly $1,000 a year. It depends on how many social events that have extra cost, how much you contribute to fund-raising and to The Rotary Foundation. Some employers help with the expense.

I hope you will check us out!  Shawn