On Nov. 18 Englewood Rotary presented a Zoom tribute to Dr. Frank Sargent, our member who joined out club in 1970 and has faithfully served for 50 years. 
Rotary dignitaries attending:
District Governor Bob Kemp, Past District Governors Mike Oldham, Jim Halderman, Diane Kessel Knight; former Rotary International Director and Vice President Greg Podd
Narrated and directed by Englewood Rotarian Patty Burnett
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50 years, folks! That’s how long our beloved Dr. Frank Sargent has practiced Service Above Self in Rotary – and pretty much everywhere else.
Frank, do you realize that when you joined Rotary in 1970 Richard Nixon was president?
In your 50 years, our country has been led by nine presidents: Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. And soon, Joe Biden.
Way back, our telephones had little holes that you put your finger in to “dial.”
I was thinking that this was about the time John Travolta was disco-dancing in bell bottoms, but, turns out, that was later – in 1977.
* * ** * *
OK, seriously now, I have a story to tell:
In 1970, Frank was a young doctor with a young family. He had just moved to Denver to open a private urology practice with two partners, near Swedish Hospital. This was his big start after college, medical school, four year of residency, interrupted when drafted to serve as a physician in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.
Later in practice, he recruited a highly regarded young urologist just out of residency, Richard Heppe, M.D., to join the practice.  Here’s a message from Richard, Frank:
I was honored to be Frank’s partner in the practice of urology for 10 years. I could not have asked for a better mentor, business partner and friend than I had in Frank.
Not only did he make me feel like part of his family, he also introduced me to Rotary which has become an important part of my life over the last 30 years. Congratulations, Frank, on 50 years of Rotary service.
I know that the old adage is that you get more than you give, but everyone that knows you feel blessed to have had the great good fortune of having you in their lives.
My very best regards, Richard Heppe
* * ** * *
Frank’s dad, Arthur David Sargent, was his role model. In their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, he had seen his father serve his Rotary Club faithfully. His dad’s company, Travelers Insurance, had encouraged him to represent them in Rotary, which, no doubt, was a quite prestigious group. For many years he was the Membership Chairman, and he took that job very seriously. Frank, at 8 or 9 years old, remembers accompanying his dad to meetings, where his dad would recruit new members and encourage them to be strong Rotarians. To help people worldwide. To live the motto Service Above Self.
His dad, Art, belonged to the Dayton Rotary Club for 50 years. So, as Frank celebrates his own 50th year mark, he truly did follow in his father’s footsteps. Frank and his sisters aren’t sure, but it’s possible that Art Sargent had perfect attendance for 44 years (or maybe 26). Either way, it was quite a feat of loyalty and commitment.
Frank remains close to his two older sisters in Ohio, checking in with them each day.
50 years is a big deal. Here are some “congratulations” from Frank’s family, starting with videos from the Stephen Sargent family.
Comment from son Craig, live.
Comment from son Jim, live. 
Written tribute from daughter Linda and granddaughter Courtney:
Dad, congratulations on 50 years in Rotary!! What an accomplishment! The Rotary motto of Service Above Self is more than a commitment for you. It is who you are. This is one of many reasons that people are drawn to you. Your compassion is your superpower. I'm so proud to be your daughter, always have been. I love you, Linda
And this from Courtney:
Poppie, you are such an inspiration and role model. I am blessed to be your granddaughter. I am so honored that I was able to go to RYLA for two summers. Rotary is an amazing organization to be a part of and I know you have put a lot of time into it. I love you so much. Love, Courtney
* * ** * *
So, we’re back in 1970, and Dr. Sargent is in an elevator. He notices that another rider is wearing a Rotary pin. “I see you are in Rotary. What does your club do?” The man said, “Well, that’s a long story.” Frank said, “Well, where do you meet?” 
At Furr’s Cafeteria in Englewood in 1970 Frank became a Rotarian, and his elevator acquaintance, Chuck Magill, enjoyed the easiest job of recruitment ever.
About two years later, Frank had heard of other clubs creating scholarships for local students. This became Frank’s first passion project. He took the idea to the board, but the board said, we don’t think we can afford that.
Another Rotarian, though, solved that. Frank met with Eldon Kite, who owned a successful furnace company in town. “I can afford it,” Eldon said. And that was the beginning or the Englewood Rotary Club’s scholarship program. Frank recollects that the sum back then was $1,000.
We’ve made much progress. As of 2020, Englewood Rotary has awarded more than $150,000 in scholarships to college or trade school for graduates of Englewood High School and the alternative school, which is called Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice – Colorado’s Finest, for short.
Franz Hummel, who owned Franz Hummel Delicatessen in Cinderella City, is another 50-year-plus Rotarian in the Englewood club. He and Frank became close friends, and he supported Frank’s scholarship program. Franz’ Rotary partner and wife Elsa is a talented writer and poet. Here’s what she has to say about Frank.
Elsa’s poem read by Englewood Rotarian Dawn Shepherd.
There are many great Clubs, all over the West.
But the Englewood Rotary is one of the Best!!
Devoted members form the base
Making our community a better place!!
One of those pillars- our dear Dr. Frank
As valuable and solid as Gold in the Bank!
Dedicated, reliable, and very smart
But, best of all, a man with Heart!
Always ready to serve, with his loving smile
Always ready to go the extra mile!
For 50 years, he's been a member....
A longer time, than some of us remember!!
Frank headed many projects with success and flair
With quiet strength, inspiration and care!
We can't thank you enough for what you've done
For all the hard work, and also the great fun!!
Congratulations, dear Frank, we wish you the Best
And from above, may you be richly blessed!
Stay strong, stay happy, enjoy every day
Enjoy being a Rotarian, in every way !!!
Many more years we wish to you "Rotarian of the Year!"
As we stand, and sing with cheer:
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow...
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow....that Nobody Can Deny...!!!
* * ** * *
Englewood Rotarian Bob Burdick presents a list of Frank’s accomplishments.
Frank has been a part of many service opportunities in Englewood Rotary.
1. Head Start kids. For about 24 years Frank has led or co-led a holiday gift and party program for Head Start preschoolers. Originally, the preschool was part of Inter-Faith Community Services, where Frank was a board member representing Englewood Rotary for perhaps 30 years. Then Head Start moved and became part of Littleton Schools. Frank kept up the connection. In recent years, we’ve invited 45-65 preschoolers – kiddos aged 3, 4 and 5 – to a festive lunch at the Douglas H. Buck Community Recreation Center across from their school. The kids’ highlights are seeing Santa Claus and maybe cupcakes, but their families’ highlights are the gifts that go under the Christmas tree or in whatever their holiday celebration might be.
We partnered with Englewood Walmart for many years, buying the kids full winter outfits – coats, hats, gloves – and pajamas, underwear and TOYS, of course, TOYS. It’s a pretty wild guess, but I’d say we’ve invested more than $75,000 in those kids and their families.
Patty comment, live: Frank just lights up when those kids come into the room. I can count on him to say, every year, “It’s all worth it – all the work and money – to help these children.” He’s a pushover for a 4-year-old.
2. Shots for Tots. For many years Frank and other Englewood Rotarians volunteered at a community vaccination/shots drive in partnership with Tri-County Health and Littleton Rotary. Children received shots they needed for registration in local schools, and, of course, for their own health. Frank was the best “greeter” at Shots for Tots.
3. Reading to kids at Hay Elementary. Frank was honored as an “Everyday Hero” by Channel 9 TV for this one. He recruited as many as 12 doctors in local practice to volunteer for reading to kindergartners and first graders. Doctors were effusive in their support, finding the program deeply rewarding personally. Englewood Rotarians also have been readers at Hay and Bishop Elementary Schools. Some of our members read for more than 25 years.
4. First Books. In partnership with the Women’s Auxiliary at Swedish Hospital the club contributed to the purchase of “first books” for all children born at Swedish. Our Rotary name was inside the cover, as we congratulated new parents.
5. Frank became a friend of the Englewood High School girls basketball team, and the club helped them buy uniforms and pay for travel to out-of-town games. The girls came to lunch with us and we all appreciated our connection. One of the pictures in the slide show is with the team.
 6. RYLA. Frank has long been a champion of RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards that are actually separate summer camps for middle school, high school and more recently students with disabilities – teaching them the Rotary values of civic and humanitarian service, the importance of working together towards that, embracing our differences and our common values. Frank and Sherry often participated. Their grandchildren attended. And, don’t tell anybody, but for the last several years Frank has personally funded RYLA students sponsored by Englewood Rotary.
7. Englewood Early Childhood Education at Maddox in Englewood. The principal broke Frank’s heart telling him of all that they were lacking. He responded with school supplies, art materials and pizza – we did a lunch for the preschool, gave the kids teddy bears, and gave their families $50 gift cards we hoped they’d use for summer clothes for the children.
Patty resumes narration.
Frank has served on the Englewood Rotary Board of Directors for as long as anyone remembers. He was president of the club in 1974. Today, we count on him for an “inspiration” to start every meeting. We count on him, too, to welcome our visitors and speakers – he’s so gracious -- and to encourage new members to join us in Service Above Self.
Local clubs are the heart of Rotary, but service happens also at the District level. Frank was Assistant District Governor and then District Governor, 2006-2007.  He has made many friends throughout the district. Here’s what some had to say about Frank’s 50 years, starting with:
Former RI Vice President and Director Greg Podd, live.
Past District Governor Jim Halderman, live.
Former District Governor Norris Hermsmeyer (2005-2006), hails Frank. “As a District leader Frank has been known for his passionate personal commitment to polio eradication, having visited all District clubs and promoted the Polio Plus campaign, raising awareness and record contributions.
“During his term as District Governor, Frank Sargent demonstrated Rotary’s theme of “Lead the Way,” as cheerleader, doer and man of faith and principle.
Past District Governor Mike Oldham also sent a very thoughtful and detailed recollection, which I know you will appreciate, Frank.  You have a card from Past District Governor Karen Sekich, too.
From District Rotarian Ann Tull:
Frank, working with you as District Foundation Chair was always so special. You are a true gentleman, who is dedicated to Rotary and to doing your best on everything in life. 
Thank you for your friendship.
From former Rotarian Bill Eck:
Bill Eck, who was a huge supporter during Frank’s year as District governor, drew on a Rotary experience in which members expressed their love for Rotary in six words. Here are Bill’s six words about Frank: Golden heart, Christlike, honorable man.  Well, five, if Christlike is one word.
* * ** * *
Frank’s amazing, late wife Sherry accompanied him to most of the 60-plus clubs during his year as district governor. That’s where the photo of him with the child came in. You’ve seen it in the slide show. It was his show-and-tell.
The photo is of a boy he met while on a Rotary water project in Nicaragua. These big Americans showed up, and most of the children scattered, probably afraid of the unknown. But this boy met Frank’s eyes, and they just connected. Frank gets teary just remembering that poignant moment years ago. That water project was sponsored by the Longmont club, when Frank was Assistant District Governor.
Frank remains ever thankful to Susan Van Dyke, Marsha Brauchler and others in Englewood Rotary who made “his” Rotary annual conference a huge success, attracting more than 500 participants. Held at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs, the conference was particularly distinctive for its western theme. Englewood Rotarians hosted wearing western garb. And a square dance with a pro caller replaced the big band-and-dancing routine of other conferences. Turns out, square dancing was a darn-tootin’ success.
Comment from Patricia Fiske, live, and included in the Tributes below.
* * ** * *
Frank might have said this. It sounds like him. Good things come to good people. And so we have the serendipity and good fortune of Sandy.  
Past District Governor Diane Kessel Knight tells this story:
Comment from Diane, live. (Also printed in Tributes at the end of this script.)
I didn’t want to put her on the spot during the presentation, but here’s Sandy’s reflection:
“Frank and I met through Rotary in 2004. During his Rotary District Governor year, 2006-7, I frequently had delightful conversations with either Frank or Sherry, working out details for his visit schedule.
“Many years later, Frank and I encountered each other at a fundraiser for the Denver Lyric Opera Guild.
“Since our only connection had been through Rotary, I was surprised to find, after we were married, how deeply involved in the community he had been. When we are out and about and would run into folks from his past, they invariable tell me how lucky I am, how wonderful he is, followed by stories about instances when Frank had gone out of his way to be kind and generous with his time when they or a loved one had a medical problem. And YES I am very lucky to share his life at this point!”
Sandy comments, live.
I should note that somewhere in the middle of Frank’s 50 years in Rotary, 1987, the Supreme Court decided that women had a right to be in Rotary. And so there was Sandy (and me and thousands of women around the world).
* * ** * *
Today’s tribute is about Frank’s 50 years in Rotary, but we all know that he has spread his love and energy across many institutions in his time. The board at Swedish. As co-chairman of the campaign against medical marijuana.    
Frank’s commitment to Cherry Creek Schools is long and deep. He was honored as a Cherry Creek Hero, especially noting the Parent Information Network that he and Sherry founded more than 40 years ago.
Serving on the Board of Directors at Swedish Medical Center, Frank got to know another Board Member, the late Grant Wilkins, who became a loyal friend. Grant was also a Denver Rotary Club member and Past District Governor, well known in the Rotary world as one of the founders and advocate for the Polio Plus program for worldwide polio eradication.
Marlene Wilkins joins in celebrating Frank today: “Congratulations, Frank on 50 YEARS of Rotary service! You have been a true example of living Rotary’s motto, Service Above Self.
“You have always been ready and willing to help promote peace and understanding in our world through Rotary, as well as in your personal life.
“If Grant was here, I know he would want to join me in saying, “Thanks so much to you,” a wonderful and longtime friend!”
 * * ** * *
Frank truly lives Service Above Self, which he likes to reference almost as often as the Four-Way Test.
He lays it back on his dad, who taught him that there is so much to do to make the world a better place. There’s always one more thing.
“It’s here,” Frank says, pointing to his heart.  “If you can bring a heart, you don’t need money. It’s what we do as Rotarians. And, the person who benefits the most is you.”