Dick Hansen made it happen: On Saturday we sold beer and hung out at the Breckenridge Brewery tent just behind the shops of the South Broadway Mile. And it was a lot of fun. There was music (very very loud) and food and people enjoying a summer day. 

Thanks, Dick, for leading us and for hanging in all those hours in the hot sun.  For the first time since I have been in the club, we had a strong presence at an Englewood community event. And it was educational -- we told people all about Rotary, as well as about Summer Bright and Agave Wheat beers. Tasty!

Dick had some good company during the day: Volunteers David and Pam Lee, Vee and John Sabel, Josh Staller, Larry Matten, Paul Carleno, Spencer Mamber, Ann Fort, Liz Thomas, Gary Sears, Bob Burdick and Patty Burnett. We are indebted to his good friends Bruce and Peter Brookens and Vic Calonder, who volunteered as well. 

We were cute enough (or maybe it was those 20-something Breck Beer girls in shorts) to earn $71.25 in tips, which we designated for our scholarship fund. We also will receive a percentage of the sales, though the final accounting may take some time.  Whew! That was one busy Rotary week! Patty