Three amazing public servants were inducted into the Rotary Club of Englewood's Circle of Heroes on May 9th.  They are: Englewood High School Teacher Faye Manceaux, Englewood Police Sergeant Christian Contos, and Englewood Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Green.


The awards were given at the Wellshire Inn, with local dignitaries, family and close colleagues of the honorees attending, along with Englewood Rotarians.

Here is more on why these honorees are 2012 Rotary Heroes:

Faye Manceaux: She is retiring after teaching 13 years at Sinclair Middle School and another 13 at Englewood High School. Her proudest moments came in her time with the EHS National Honor Society. She also helped change and save lives with the EHS blood drive, which received regional recognition for its success. This teacher had fun, too, working with students to purchase goats for families in Nicaragua. She has been a teacher and mentor students will not forget.

Sgt. Christian Contos: This Hero is a leader, supervising the Impact Team and the School Resource Officer. The Impact Team is Englewood’s community policing arm --  officers in polo shirts riding bicycles, making friends, building relationships, resolving disputes, preventing crime. Under Sgt. Contos’ leadership the team also received the city’s 2012 Distinguished Service Award for its investigation of prostitution and organized crime in Englewood. And another Team investigation into a young adult gang that had caused problems at the city library led to the arrest and conviction of eight persons involved in a Denver homicide. Sgt. Contos and his team are protecting and improving the quality of life in Englewood.

Steve Green: He has been with the Englewood Fire Department since 1982, serving as firefighter, paramedic, lieutenant and his current position as the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Management (EM) Coordinator. He oversees the paramedic program and is active in local, regional and state EMS committees. As Emergency Management Coordinator, he is responsible for developing disaster mitigation, response and recovery plans. In response to Hurricane Irene he spent two weeks in the NewYork emergency response control center, providing his expertise and experience to anticipate victims’ needs and prepare to meet them.