Englewood Mayor Othoniel Sierra biked 100 miles in the Woohoomanity Challenge, and Rotarians, friends and family made donations celebrating his ride. We raised $1,035. From that, $500 will go to Movement 5280, and $500 will go to the Severe Weather Shelter Network -- two organizations helping people experiencing homelessness in Englewood.
Mayor Sierra is an avid long-range bike rider, who has advocated for many of the bike lane projects now popping up in Englewood. 
The mayor said he was "proud to ride in support of Englewood Rotary and the outstanding work their foundation does each. year." 
Movement 5280 is a nonprofit organization in Englewood that supports youth and young adults who are at-risk or homeless. Check it out at Here, a young man or woman can find the basics of support – food, clothing, a place to rest, to shower. Plus mental health support and assistance in finding jobs.   
The Severe Weather Shelter Network finds houses those in need when our Colorado weather turns cold and treacherous. 
The Woohoo ride on Sept. 24 drew Rotarian riders and volunteers from more than 25 clubs, mostly in metro Denver. Organized by the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast, and co-sponsored by Rotary’s District 5450, the program, in its third year, provides fund-raising technology to help participating clubs, like Englewood, to raise funds.  
The Rotary ride piggybacks on the Denver Century Ride, in which participants can ride 25, 50, 85 or 100 miles. 
Our mayor made 100!  Woohoo!