Our member Patty Burnett once lived on the West Coast of Florida and realized that we have a sister club in the area hardest hit by Hurricane Ian. 
She reached out to the president of the Rotary Club of Englewood FLORIDA and asked if we could be of help. President Carolyn Burk said, oh, yes!
We sent a check for $1,000 from our foundation.
Carolyn\s club was in the community early on, unloading truckloads of supplies sent from other Rotary clubs. The group, which is small and 75 percent women, also went door to door in modular housing and mobile home villages, getting lists of what residents needed, then going out and supplying them. They also staffed food distributions, provided funds for gasoline and food for shut-ins. 
Patty knew of the Englewood club because she sometimes gets a call from someone in Florida wanting to join or join an activity (our website name is very similar to theirs). And then she explains, It's a bit of a trek, but we'd love to have you!